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This is a very common question asked by the patients that what is the source of Homeopathic medicines, is it natural? Is there any chemical inside? Here is an insight on the ingredients of your Homeopathic remedy, which is, by all means, natural and safe. H omeopathic medicines are prepared from various sources as following - 1.   Plant Kingdom The medicines are prepared from the core extract of the plant, which is known as the mother tincture. It may come from any part of the plant like the roots, stems, leaves, fruits, seeds or the whole plant. Examples- Arnica montana , Bryonia alba, Cinchona officinalis, Pulsatilla nigricans, Rhus tox, Symphytum etc. 2.   Animal Kingdom Several homeopathic drugs are prepared from the animal kingdom which is prepared in a similar manner as that of the plant kingdom the only difference being here the part of the whole animal is taken to prepare the medicine.

My first experience with Homeopathy!

It was in 2002, the time when I had recently joined my Homeopathic Medical College and was full of excitement to learn this medical regime in depth which had a number of patient success stories yet skepticism all around. I always had an appeal towards the gentle way Homeopathic medicines have provided long term relief to the many people I have met. But I had no personal experience of taking Homeopathy by that time. By God’s grace, I have been only visiting our family GP for common colds or fever and took prescribed conventional medicines. There was only one Homeopathic practitioner visiting the hospital but the long queue of people waiting for him and their healing experiences tempted me to a great extent. And that was a deciding factor in choosing to learn Homeopathy. Just 6 months after starting my Homeopathic course, I felt that something hurts on my right toe when I walk. It was a corn and getting worse by every day. Walking was difficult and it needed an immediate atten

5 Ways to Avoid Seasonal Flu

As the weather changes, it brings along a rise in a cough, sore throat, and fever around. Yes, the seasonal flu is all jam-pressed to patronize us. In any case, why should you hold up to get down with the notorious bug? Why not get hold of your body to get away from this season's flu virus spell! Read below 5 ways to avoid the seasonal flu. These are some simple ways, which can help you to be well equipped and address the microbes without losing your sleep. These defensive measures lie with in everyday activities and life choices, so accessible to everyone. Prevention is always better than cure! Eat healthy Good health always beats the seasonal flu. When you are in good health, immune system is stronger and you can treasure the finest wellbeing. Healthy eating is the best way to keep the immune system nourished and provide natural

Integral Health Plus

Sometimes all you need is little motivation in Nutrition and the gentle care of Homeopathy! Join our Youtube channel... Integral Health Plus- Health Naturally!!!

Antibiotic resistance- The Global epidemic : Is Homeopathy an alternative?

1928 was a remarkable year in medical history due to the breakthrough discovery of antibiotics . Antibiotics are powerful medicines that fight certain bacterial infections and can save lives when used properly. They either kill the bacteria or stop them from multiplying. Development of antibiotics was the greatest achievement of modern medicine but the overuse and misuse of antibacterial therapy lead to resistance in micro-organisms and that is emerging as the biggest medical crisis today known as antibiotic-resistance . There has been a lot of news about antibiotic-resistance recently. And this is really worrisome. The emergence of colistin resistance in farm animals around the world has surprised the researchers . This surely is a wake-up call because colistin is known as an ‘antibiotic of last resort’ . Another latest study by pediatricians of Apollo Hospital in Mumbai says that  antibiotic resistance  has risen to alarming levels among India 's youngest. E

ZIKA- What You should know!

As The Telegraph told on 28th May 2017, India has reported cases of the    Zika virus,   the World Health Organization said, adding that efforts should be made to strengthen surveillance. The WHO said that on May 15 India 's health ministry reported three confirmed cases from the western state of Gujarat . Cases were detected during testing in February and November last year, while one was detected in January this year. If you remember, ZIKA was the dangerous pandemic recently in 2016, which has been declared as the Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) by WHO. A disease which had spread explosively but silently and had no cure or vaccine, which was thought as mild fever once but later found related to horrendous deformity in babies and a rare immune disorder in adults. This is a spreading disease, so it is very important to get aware and be preventive. I have published an awareness article about this infirmity back in 2016, which I think is worth