I was searching for a holistic and natural way to treat my acne and hormonal imbalance then I found homeopathy and Dr. Jaya. I was just curious at first and desperate to have my imbalance cured that's why I tried homeopathy. It was the right decision and I was not expecting that were some issues in my body that needed to be treated first. My state of mind is now greatly improved thanks to Dr. Jaya.

I am usually afraid of clinics and of doctors, but I do not have that sensation towards Dr. Jaya, who is caring, patient,a good listener, and when you talk to her it's like talking to a friend.

Homeopathy is truly effective as it also greatly helped my daughter with her phobia of dentists. When she enters the clinic of her dentist, her blood would go cold and wouldn't make eye contact with the staff  but when she took her homeopathic medicine, my daughter just strutted in and confidently sat on the dental chair with a smile on her face.

Consider Homeopathy. 

S. Viloria

I was introduced to Homeopathy as a 5year old and was beneficial all these years. When it was for my kids I never had a second thought. The only challenge was to find a suitable doctor until I met Dr. Jaya Srivastava.

I absolutely love consulting Dr. Jaya for she is so caring and polite. She is always there for your when in need. She generally gets you in for an appointment very quickly if needed and spares time to clarify your queries and concerns. She usually reverts back to find that her medication has worked to the fullest. Even on Sundays she is ready to share her family time with her patients in need.

I consult her mainly for my kids and to date I never had to go for a follow up, coz her medication served the purpose. We've never had a better or more personal care for our kids.

Thank you Dr. Jaya and all the very best in your professional career.

Roswin Mother

Hong Kong

Je souffrais d'eternuements tous les matins depuis plusieurs mois. Docteur Jaya Srivastava m' a prescris un traitement homeopathique en septembre 2009 qui s'est revele tres efficace au bout de 2 semaines seulement. Maintenant, je n'ai plus d'eternuements. Je continue le traitement (1 dose seulement par semaine). Je n'ai meme pas eu de rhume cet hiver et pourtant il fait tres froid.
Un grand merci au Docteur Jaya.
 English translation:
I used to sneeze every morning since several months. Dr. Jaya Srivastava prescribed a homeopathic treatment in September 2009 which was very effective in only 2 weeks.
I don't sneeze anymore. I continue the treatment (only 1 dose per week). I have not even had a cold this winter and yet it was very cold.
I thank Dr. Jaya for her help.
- Mr. Mikael Abgrall, BRESTFrance   

I was suffering from cold, migraine and cough for over a year. I consulted many doctors with little or no relief. Finally, I decided to consult my friend Dr. Jaya Srivastava a homeopathic doctor. She treated me and I received immediate and miraculous relief. The treatment continued for about 3 months and I was finally free from my suffering. I feel better using her Homoeopathic prescriptions & would recommend to anyone in need. Homeopathy is now my preferred option in medical care. I will forever be grateful to her for her professional help. Dr. JAYA is a very competent homeopath and I wish her continued success in her profession.
-  Mr. Shikhar Sharma, New Delhi, India 

I had been suffering from following problems: hypertension, diabetes, severe headache, and spondylitis. And I was under treatment of the allopathic doctor.But could not get cured even after treatment for pretty long time and incurring heavy expenses.Later I consulted Dr. Jaya Srivastavaand due to her treatment not only I got cured and the number of medicines reduced to one/two but there were no side effects hence no complications. Moreover, expensive tests viz CT scan; USG and others were not required as already prescribed.
Through these lines, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Doctor Jaya Srivastava
-   Mrs. Vimala Tiwari, Kanpur, India

My daughter had always been suffering from some problem or the other for the year round.She was also suffering from wheezing since very early age. And before meeting Dr. Jaya Srivastava, I was always taking her to the allopathic doctors, who could provide only temporary relief. But with the continuous medication of Dr. Jaya Srivastava, my daughter became perfectly healthy and the best part was, my misconception of homeopathic medicine taking long was instantly removed, each time the medication took just two to three days in improving her condition to a great extent.
My all good wishes to Dr. Jaya and heartfelt thanks for the good health of my daughter and saving my time and money and mental agony. 
Mrs. Nidhi V. Chauhan, IIT Kanpur, India

I was suffering from severe back pain and anxiety. Conventional medicines were not proving to be effective. Then I consulted with Dr. Jaya Srivastava. She went though details of symptoms. Prescriptions suggested by her were really effective and I got rid of health issues very quickly. I would recommend everyone I Know, to consult Dr. Jaya for health issues, homeopathic treatment provided much better results than conventional treatment. Many thanks to Jaya for her consultation and support.

- Mr. K.J. Singh, New Delhi, India

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