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My first experience with Homeopathy!

It was in 2002, the time when I had recently joined my HomeopathicMedicalCollege and was full of excitement to learn this medical regime in depth which had a number of patient success stories yet skepticism all around. I always had an appeal towards the gentle way Homeopathic medicines have provided long term relief to the many people I have met. But I had no personal experience of taking Homeopathy by that time. By God’s grace, I have been only visiting our family GP for common colds or fever and took prescribed conventional medicines. There was only one Homeopathic practitioner visiting the hospital but the long queue of people waiting for him and their healing experiences tempted me to a great extent. And that was a deciding factor in choosing to learn Homeopathy. Just 6 months after starting my Homeopathic course, I felt that something hurts on my right toe when I walk. It was a corn and getting worse by every day. Walking was difficult and it needed an immediate attention. So I …

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