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Integral Health Plus

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Antibiotic resistance- The Global epidemic : Is Homeopathy an alternative?

1928 was a remarkable year in medical history due to the breakthrough discovery of antibiotics . Antibiotics are powerful medicines that fight certain bacterial infections and can save lives when used properly. They either kill the bacteria or stop them from multiplying. Development of antibiotics was the greatest achievement of modern medicine but the overuse and misuse of antibacterial therapy lead to resistance in micro-organisms and that is emerging as the biggest medical crisis today known as antibiotic-resistance . There has been a lot of news about antibiotic-resistance recently. And this is really worrisome. The emergence of colistin resistance in farm animals around the world has surprised the researchers . This surely is a wake-up call because colistin is known as an ‘antibiotic of last resort’ . Another latest study by pediatricians of Apollo Hospital in Mumbai says that  antibiotic resistance  has risen to alarming levels among India 's youngest. E

ZIKA- What You should know!

As The Telegraph told on 28th May 2017, India has reported cases of the    Zika virus,   the World Health Organization said, adding that efforts should be made to strengthen surveillance. The WHO said that on May 15 India 's health ministry reported three confirmed cases from the western state of Gujarat . Cases were detected during testing in February and November last year, while one was detected in January this year. If you remember, ZIKA was the dangerous pandemic recently in 2016, which has been declared as the Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) by WHO. A disease which had spread explosively but silently and had no cure or vaccine, which was thought as mild fever once but later found related to horrendous deformity in babies and a rare immune disorder in adults. This is a spreading disease, so it is very important to get aware and be preventive. I have published an awareness article about this infirmity back in 2016, which I think is worth