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Origins of Homeopathy


All this modern material ties in very neatly with the main concerns that Hahnemann immersed himself in two centuries ago. 
What Hahnemann was primarily appalled and disgusted by and which he most vigorously and passionately opposed were strong doses of drugs, bloodletting and compound drug mixtures conceived and employed along the Galenic lines of contraries. 
These were the biggest objections he made against the medicine of his day. 
He was implacably opposed to them because he could see from first-hand daily experience that they were dismally ineffective measures to be employed against sickness, and they were also harmful and damaging to patients as well; they caused more suffering. 
Thus, he stood alone in having the courage and intellectual honesty to abandon in disgust such a medical practice, and to commit himself instead to a search for more gentle, benign and effective therapeutic measures.  Who could possibly stand up and condemn him for doing that?
-Peter Morrell (Medical Historian, Ex. Hon Research Associate, History of Medicine, Staffordshire University) 

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