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My first experience with Homeopathy!

It was in 2002, the time when I had recently joined my Homeopathic Medical College and was full of excitement to learn this medical regime in depth which had a number of patient success stories yet skepticism all around.
I always had an appeal towards the gentle way Homeopathic medicines have provided long term relief to the many people I have met. But I had no personal experience of taking Homeopathy by that time.
By God’s grace, I have been only visiting our family GP for common colds or fever and took prescribed conventional medicines. There was only one Homeopathic practitioner visiting the hospital but the long queue of people waiting for him and their healing experiences tempted me to a great extent. And that was a deciding factor in choosing to learn Homeopathy.
Just 6 months after starting my Homeopathic course, I felt that something hurts on my right toe when I walk. It was a corn and getting worse by every day. Walking was difficult and it needed an immediate attention. So I discussed with one of my seniors. It was the first time I went through the proper Homeopathic way of taking a case as a patient. I was a beginner in my studies so not yet reached up to this level of taking-case.
Homeopathic case-taking was a detailed process and I was amazed to see the time invested in the knowing the patient. I have never seen such a method. Our doctor’s visits were never lasting more than 10-15 minutes previously.
It was during this procedure, I re-noticed the wart on my left hand. It was there from last one year but I had no idea that corn and that wart could be related anyway. I had another wart on the same hand which appeared one year before this one. For that first wart, I had consulted our GP and found out that there is no help from medicine. It can be surgically or chemically removed. I went for chemical removal and it surely was painful and had left a scar on that spot. So when I had got the second wart, I really don’t want to go the same way and let it be.
Now, in Homeopathic case-taking I learned that this is not just casual that I am getting these warts and corn, but this is a tendency and a disturbance deep inside. And removing these from the surface is not addressing the underlying issue and that is why it keeps appearing.
This was a different insight for me to understand the disease process and I took the prescribed Homeopathic remedy to take care of my inside disturbance.
I have been given one single remedy, to be taken once a day for 7 days only.
To my surprise, within a week of finishing the course, I started feeling better in the pain and in a month the corn was gone. And along with that, the wart was also shedding. It took one more month for the wart to disappear completely and with out any scar left.
This was an amazing experience for me and it implanted the great respect for this very gentle way of addressing the diseases.
I have not taken any pictures of my corn or wart that time as I do today, but the scar left on my hand due to chemical removal of my first wart always reminds me the whole process. How Homeopathy takes care of the agony of a person efficiently with minimal dosing, no side-effects and in a long-lasting manner! 
I haven’t got any other wart or corn after that and it is almost 14 years.

Now, being a consultant for Homeopathy and Nutrition, I feel honored in helping people to get relief and cure of their suffering with a safe, gentle, and natural system of healing that works with our body to relieve symptoms, restore itself, and improve the overall health.
Sincere gratitude to Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy, who grounded his Therapeutics on such an exceptional standard:

"The highest ideal of a cure is the rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles."


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